Mortality Surveillance (MCH Coordinators)

The Louisiana Department of Health, Office of Public Health, Bureau of Family Health is engaged in mortality surveillance to prevent fatalities and promote the health of Louisiana’s families.  The Bureau of Family Health’s mortality surveillance systems are managed by a team of Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Coordinators.

Maternal & Child Health Coordinators

A network of nine  MCH Coordinators work statewide to reduce and prevent maternal, infant, and child mortality and morbidity. MCH Coordinators provide leadership to regional Fetal, Infant and Mortality (FIMR) and Child Death Review (CDR) teams in their respective regions. Coordinators also co-lead local Community Action and Advisory Teams.

Fetal Infant Mortality Review (FIMR) and Child Death Review (CDR)

Louisiana’s regional FIMR and CDR teams review unexpected fetal, infant and child deaths to better understand why these deaths occur and how to prevent them. These teams provide prevention strategy recommendations to local Community Action and Advisory Teams and State Child Death Review (State CDR).

Pregnancy Associated Mortality Review (PAMR)

The Pregnancy Associated Mortality Review (PAMR) program reviews all deaths in women during or within one year of pregnancy, and crafts recommendations for how to prevent future deaths. PAMR cases are assembled locally and reviewed at the state level. Recommendations from PAMR case reviews are provided to Louisiana’s Perinatal Quality Collaborative, the Louisiana Commission on Perinatal Care and the Prevention of Infant Mortality, and local Community Action and Advisory Teams.

Community Advisory & Action Teams (CAATs)

CAATs gather community stakeholders to prioritize needs, coordinate, and plan regional interventions to promote the health and safety of Louisiana’s families. These teams are co-led by the regional MCH Coordinators and local Maternal Infant Early Childhood Home Visiting teams. CAAT members consist of local stakeholders, community leaders, and families. Findings from FIMR, CDR, and PAMR case review teams are provided to CAAT members, who then identify and implement systems-level interventions to prevent deaths and improve health outcomes for Louisiana’s women, children and families.

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