About Us

Partners for Family Health makes it easy for anyone to find family health information, resources, and services in Louisiana. The website is managed by the Bureau of Family Health (BFH), which is part of the Louisiana Department of Health’s Office of Public Health. BFH works to promote the health of Louisiana families throughout the life course. The Bureau administers the state’s Title V Maternal and Child Health Block Grant program, the Title X Family Planning program, and many other initiatives designed to improve the health of pregnant women, babies, children, teens, adults, and youth with special healthcare needs.

The Bureau offers a variety of resources and services for Louisiana families, as well as data to support healthcare, social service and public health professionals in their work. Use Partners for Family Health to connect to the BFH resources that are best for you, your family, or the people you serve!

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Louisiana is a state where all people are valued to reach their full potential, from birth through the next generation.


Our mission is to elevate the strengths and voices of individuals, families, and communities to catalyze transformational change to improve population health and achieve equity.


Identify, understand, and respond to complex public health challenges.

Align efforts to improve health outcomes in the populations we serve.

Build coordinated partnerships toward action.

Test, scale, and spread solutions for impact.

Contribute to the public health evidence base.

Foster a positive work culture, rooted in our values.