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Health Information for Parents, Families and Caregivers 

Healthy families start before baby comes home. Find out how to have a healthy pregnancy and raise a healthy baby. Get the facts about safe sleep and learn how you can help prevent SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). Learn about baby and child development milestones, and get help understanding your child’s feelings and behavior.

Find Health Services and Programs for You and Your Family

Get connected to resources that can make raising a family just a little easier. For example, breastfeeding support can make a big difference – we’ll help you find local breastfeeding resources and support groups. Find out how a free app helps moms across the country stay on top of what they and their babies need to stay healthy. Learn about Louisiana Medicaid coverage, Louisiana WIC, immunizations, daycare services, mental health services, and so much more. You can find these resources online or call 1-800-251-BABY.