Health Policy

What is health policy?

Health policy is any law, regulation, or procedure that impacts the way Louisianans live, grow, learn, and work. The Louisiana Department of Health (LDH) helps ensure safe, vibrant living conditions by supporting smart health policy. Good policies can help families thrive by securing access to quality healthcare, creating safer neighborhoods, or funding services that make it easier for all families to be healthy.

What is our role?

How does the Bureau of Family Health (BFH) contribute to health policy? First, we look for common health concerns in communities across the state. Next, we work with partners on related boards or commissions to find solutions. Using the best available evidence, BFH’s policy team then creates fact sheets, reports, or other materials that explain the most promising strategies. Finally, LDH shares these documents with legislative partners who can help make Louisiana a healthier place for kids and families.

What have we accomplished?

Here are a few of the Bureau’s most requested policies & reports created in the last five years:

Searching for something else? Browse the Department of Health’s Legislative Reports Archive.

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