Community Advisory and Action Teams (CAATS)

CAATs are made up of community members and organizations who are interested in promoting the health and safety of Louisiana’s families. CAAT members determine which family health issues in their communities need to be addressed, prioritize needs, brainstorm solutions, and work together with outside partners to put solutions into action. Teams are co-led by the Louisiana Department of Health, Bureau of Family Health’s Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Coordinators and Maternal Infant Early Childhood Home Visiting teams. There are 10 CAATs across the state.

What do CAATs Do?


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Frequently Asked Questions
Who can participate in a CAAT? Solving complex issues requires diverse perspectives…everyone is welcome! Individuals and agencies with a strong interest in maternal and child health will get the most out of participation. Members include: healthcare providers, business owners, parents or caregivers, and community advocates. CAATs also include professionals in the fields of behavioral health, housing, motor vehicle safety, pool safety, marketing, health promotion, health insurance and managed care, and local government.
What are some
priority issues?
Priority topics include infant safe sleep, injury prevention, early childhood, transportation, access to services, and more. LDH is committed to health equity and trains staff to understand how structures and systems that have been in place for generations result in systemic discrimination. CAATs work to raise awareness of these issues and change systems.
What is a CAAT member’s role? To get the most out of the CAAT, active and regular participation is encouraged! Members are invited to commit to at least a year’s participation and are encouraged to:

  • Speak up in quarterly meetings and touch base calls
  • Participate in CAAT workgroup activities

Members are welcome to invite colleagues and friends who have similar interests or relevant experience. We are able to grow and accomplish more when we work together.

What is the time commitment? Time commitment depends on level of involvement & can vary throughout the year. Teams meet quarterly throughout the year. There may be additional (phone) meetings to work on group-identified projects as needed.
How can I attend a CAAT meeting? Click here to reach out to a CAAT team near you.



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