Go NAP SACC for Child Care Centers

Go NAP SACC (Nutrition and Physical Activity Self-Assessment for Child Care), a national and evidenced-based program, promotes healthy weight in preschool children by assessing child care centers’ current practices related to nutrition and physical activity. Following an assessment, the program helps centers strengthen and enhance their nutritional and physical activity policies and practices, as well as related environmental characteristics.

Participation in Go NAP SACC can help child care centers offer benefits that parents love, at no cost to the center, including:

  • Higher quality of food served
  • Higher amount and quality of physical activity
  • Enhanced staff-child interactions
  • Improved facility nutrition and physical activity policies and practices

Since 2010, over 250 child care centers in Louisiana have implemented this program.

How it Works

Participating child care centers receive technical assistance from trained consultants. The consultants guide centers through 5 evidence-based program steps over the course of 6 months to a year. After the 5 steps are implemented, centers receive a certificate of completion and will have established policies and practices that benefit families for years to come. Centers also receive 3 hours of health and safety training for free. Time commitment from staff is minimal, and the program is offered free of charge to participating centers.

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For more information about Go NAP SACC, contact Leslie Lewis at Leslie.Lewis@la.gov or 504-568-3504.

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